The KWL Reading Method

The KWL Reading Method

The considerations of the KWL Reading Method could be of great help in reading and understanding of the text. The method can be used in discussions but can also be helpful for individual learners either in school or at home. The method includes three stages which are simple to understand and follow.

The KWL Reading Method includes three words that are depicted by the KWL initials. The initials stand for Know, Want and Learned. The three are the main stages of the reading method and adhering to them helps in bettering the understanding. The good thing about the method is the fact that it can be used in teaching students in a classroom setting. However, veering off the designated steps could result in poor understanding. The study includes a worksheet with three columns headed ‘what we know, what we want to know and what we learned’. The table should be created prior.

The Know is the first stage of the KWL Reading Method. In the step, the learner is required to reflect on what he or she know about the topic and then create a list. The learners are therefore required to brainstorm on the target topic that they are about to start studying. The relevant keywords and the phrases in the topic about to be studied have to be listed to help guide the study. The relevant keywords can be found from a study group or in a classroom. The information found has to be listed on the ‘Know’ column. All the entries should then be organized into general categories on the column.

The next step is identifying what you want to know. Referring back to the ‘Know’ column, the learners are required to ask a series of questions on what they need to know about the subject. The students have to discuss what they want to learn before proceeding with any other step. The questions should however be listed according to what you will learn and all the desired subjects listed on the ‘Want to learn’ column. All the desired subjects to be learnt should be entered as questions and prioritized.

The final step in the KWL Reading Method is to answer all the preset questions. The students should also list added information learned during the study. After completing the study, the students are required to list all the new things that they have learned. This can be done per section or on the completion of the whole process. The results should be checked against the ‘Want’ column to ensure that no single question went unanswered. Symbols should also be created to depict the surprising ideas, questionable ideas and the unclear ideas.

In most cases, in case the study is not comprehensive enough; a column is included on the initial worksheet. This should be about ‘How’ you can learn more. This will handle all the unclear questions and help the students who have not understood to grasp the concept better.